FL-95 Zirconia Beads

Grinding Media for Various Industry

Key Property

Good roundness, smooth surface, high density and hardness, it’s perfect ultra-fine grinding media

High stability, acid and alkali-resistance

High hardness and toughness, shockproof, hard to break.

Low abrasion wear(ppm grade), low harm to the equipment


Application Filed

especially suitable for vertical stirred mill, horizontal rolling ball mill, vibrating mill and all kinds of high speed wire rod pin sand mill, etc., for all kinds of requests and cross contamination of slurry and powder, wet and dry ultrafine dispersing and grinding. The application fields are as follows

1.Coating, paints, printing and inkjet inks
2.Pigments and dyes
5.Electronic materials and components e.g. CMP slurry, ceramic capacitors, lithium iron phosphate battery
6.Chemicals including Agrochemicals e.g. fungicides, insecticides
7.Minerals e.g. TiO2 GCC and Zircon
8.Bio-tech (DNA & RNA isolation)
9.Flow distribution in process technology
10.Vibro-grinding and polishing of jewelrys, gemstones & aluminum wheels


Main technical Data:

Chemical composition Physical Properties
ZrO2: 94.5%
Y2O3: 5.2%

Others: <0.5%

Density 6.0g/cm3
Bulk density ≥3.7g/cm3
Vickers hardness >1250
Compressive strength >1000N(dia0.5mm)
Self consumption <1ppm


Standard size(mm)

0.05 1.8-2.0 5
0.08-0.15 2.0-2.2 6.5
0.2-0.3 2.2-2.4 7
0.3-0.4 2.4-2.6 8
0.4-0.5 2.6-2.8 10
0.5-0.6 2.8-3.0 12
0.6-0.7 3.0-3.2 15
0.7-0.8 3.8-4.0 17
0.8-1.0 20
1.0-1.2 25
1.2-1.4 30
1.4-1.6 40
1.6-1.8 50




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