Applications of Zironia Beads

Zirconia Beads are used in different industries

Zirconia beads are often used as core materials in major processing industries. Zirconia beads with different density have different performance, and can play different roles in different fields. Moreover, with the difference of material diameter and powder fineness, zirconia beads can play different functions in various fields. Zirconia beads are suitable for industries: ink, paint, coating, non mineral Dyestuff, pesticide, titanium, etc.

1. Ink industry

Zirconia beads are often used in the ink or paint and coating industry, because the ground powder is not only fine, but also there are no pores and cavities in the beads, so it can be more conducive to processing into ink and various paint products, increase the performance of ink and coating, reduce the cost, and ensure the high-quality presentation of processed products because of the stable performance of zirconia beads.

2. Electronic ceramic field

Zirconia beads are often used in the field of electronic ceramics because of their high hardness, high strength and wear resistance. Moreover, due to their high whiteness and no pollution, zirconia beads can be used to make ceramic products with better quality. Therefore, they can not only improve the quality performance, but also ensure the durability of the materials.

3. Coating industry

Zirconium bead is a kind of high strength, inert, hard, perfect and fine spherical particle. Application in coatings can reduce cost, increase solid content, provide performance and improve.

Due to high compressive strength, zirconia beads are added during production grinding. To improve the dispersion effect, sand mill, ball mill and rolling can be used. Compared with other fillers with the same or lower hardness, the use of zirconium beads has less wear on the equipment.

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