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    1. Dry Grinding and Wet Grinding
    2. Dry Grinding and Wet GrindingFor nano powder manufacturers, they certainly hope to obtain the final nano powder by dry grinding. However, if the powder is ground by mechanical grinding, the temperature of the powder will rapidly increase due to the introduction of a large amount of energy during the grinding
    1. Forming Method of Zirconia Beads
    2. Forming Method of Zirconia BeadsThe zirconia beads are formed by pressing, rolling and titration. Press forming This is a common molding method for large-sized zirconia beads, mainly including dry pressing and isostatic pressing. In practical production, in order to improve the density of billets, the meth
    1. Zirconium oxide beads have been used for 3 years, whether to replace or supplement
    2. Zirconium oxide beads have been used for 3 years, whether to replace or supplementZirconium oxide beads have good wear resistance and are durable. In the process of use, if they are not used frequently, it is OK to use them for 2-3 years. After the zirconium beads wear to a certain extent, the production capacity will drop, and the grinding fineness will slowl
    1. Differences between Disperser and Grinder
    2. Differences between Disperser and GrinderIn the process of material processing, the disperser is the most common equipment. However, if you want to achieve more fine particles, you need to use a grinder. So what is the difference between a disperser and a grinder? In fact, the disperser is also called the agitato
    1. FL-80 Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Bead
    2. FL-80 Ceria Stabilized Zirconia BeadKey Property With special process , The internal structure of the beads is uniform and compact. Good stability, strong acid&alkali resistance. Highest density, significantly improving grinding efficiency than other ceramic beads. TECHNICAL DATA      Chemical co
    1. Precision Ball-Silicon Nitride Ball
    2. Precision Ball-Silicon Nitride BallKey Property Compared with steel ball, Si3N4 ball has following advantages: 59% lighter than steel ball, which means less centrifugal force and less wear on the groove during high speed and acceleration. 44% larger elastic modulus, which means less deformation under load
    1. Precision Ball-Alumina Ball
    2. Precision Ball-Alumina BallKey Property Compared with steel balls, the main advantages of alumina balls are: 50% lighter than the steel ball, reducing the centrifugal force, rolling and wear of the channel during high-speed and accelerated operation of the bearing; Small friction coefficient and g
    1. Precision Ball-Zirconia Ball
    2. Precision Ball-Zirconia BallKey Property Compared with steel ball, ZrO2 ball has following advantages: 23% lighter than steel ball, which means less centrifugal force and less friction on the groove during high speed and acceleration. Smaller friction coefficient, more freely rolling. Can be u
    1. FL-92 Alumina Ball
    2. FL-92 Alumina BallKey Property Alumina balls are made from good quality and high temperature alumina powder with the characters of high degree purity, high intensity, high hardness, more white and less wear abrasion and no effect for the grinded materials. Alumina ball is isostatic pressed
    1. Causes of wear of zirconium beads
    2. Causes of wear of zirconium beadsThe wear of zirconium ball is caused by the following conditions: non-standard operation, workers do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. Let’s see some incorrect operations : 1. Backlog of grinding beads: when the grinding beads accumulate at the bottom of the grinde

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