Causes of wear of zirconium beads

The wear of zirconium ball is caused by the following conditions: non-standard operation, workers do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. Let’s see some incorrect operations :

1. Backlog of grinding beads:

when the grinding beads accumulate at the bottom of the grinder or the working pump rotates too fast, it will cause the grinding beads are concentrated at the outlet of the horizontal grinder. The solution is to loosen the accumulated grinding beads by means of on-off on-off inching when starting the grinder.

2.Back pressure:

when the feed pump is closed, the residual pressure in the grinder will press the beads into the pump and make the pump start again and crush the beads. The check valve is not so reliable, and sometimes the beads is allowed to pass through before the valve is closed.

3.Disc wear:

this may be difficult to determine. The worn disc edge is very uneven. The disc edge is where the linear velocity of the disc is the largest, which may form strong eddy current.
The excessive wear of the dispersion plate is mainly due to the slow speed of the feed pump and the excessive density of grinding beads. This problem can be solved by replacing seriously worn parts and installing the same batch of grinding beads. The degree of wear is different. From the perspective of force, when the dispersing disc transmits energy to the abrasive particles, if the liquid viscosity is very low, for example, when the sand mill is cleaned with solvent or water, the material thrust is not large enough, and the abrasive particles may contact the dispersing disc and break. This is an important reason why we suggest to shorten the cleaning time as much as possible. If the machine is cleaned with a low viscosity liquid, the beads will also wear other beads or parts in contact with the sander. In order to prolong the service life of bead grinder and sand grinder, it is best to clean with resin and maintain sufficient material viscosity in the production process.

In addition, for the vertical grinder, the grinding beads are concentrated near the lower edge of the grinding disc due to the self weight.

When all these factors are combined, it may lead to the fracture of grinding beads.

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