FL-99 Alumina Beads

99.99% Alumina Grinding Beads

The high-purity alumina wear-resistant bead series developed and produced by the company has high purity, high hardness, good toughness and low wear. It can be used as grinding medium for crushing, dispersion and mixing. It is widely applicable to large, medium and small ball milling equipment, as well as various ultra-fine grinding equipment such as planetary mill and sand mill.



FL-3n high purity alumina wear-resistant alumina beads

It has high purity, good toughness, low wear and small size. It is mainly used for ultra-fine grinding equipment such as sand mill

FL-4n high purity alumina wear-resistant alumina beads

The utility model has the advantages of high purity, good toughness, low wear, small diameter of powder particles produced by wear, and almost no impurities other than alumina materials. It is suitable for grinding high-purity alumina materials.


Product application

  • Crushing and dispersion of pigment
  • Thermal capacitor, inductor ceramic body, crushing of ceramic raw materials
  • Crushing of high purity materials such as battery anode and cathode raw materials
  • Crushing and dispersion of alumina for lithium battery diaphragm
  • Crushing of phosphor
  • Crushing of food and cosmetics
  • Crushing of high purity alumina powder for sapphire


Alumina Grinding Ball FL-3N FL-4N
Al2O3 Content 99.9% 99.99%
Others 0.10% 0.01%
Density ≥3.8g/cm3 ≥3.8g/cm3
Bulk Density ≥2.4g/cm3 ≥2.4g/cm3
Wear Loss ≤1.5‰ ≤1.9‰
Size 0.4-0.6mm;0.6-0.8mm;0.8-1mm 0.4-0.6mm;0.6-0.8mm;0.8-1mm
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