Forming Method of Zirconia Beads

The zirconia beads are formed by pressing, rolling and titration.

Press forming

This is a common molding method for large-sized zirconia beads, mainly including dry pressing and isostatic pressing.

In practical production, in order to improve the density of billets, the method of increasing pressure is often used. However, It does not means the higher the pressure, the better. When the limit pressure is exceeded, the pressure will reduce the billet density, which is caused by spalling.

The isostatic pressing blank has high strength, high density and good uniformity, and can be used to prepare high-performance and high-quality grinding media balls. Therefore, the two methods can be combined to produce high-performance ceramic balls in industry.

Roll forming

It is also a way of mass production of zirconium beads in China. The preparation cost is low and the production speed is fast. This method has the characteristics of production equipment, raw materials, simple operation, good sphericity, easy sintering, etc. Although the balling strength is not as good as cold isostatic pressure, the preparation cost is low, and various sizes of balls in the range of 0.1mm-60mm can be produced according to requirements.

Titration molding

For small zirconia beads (from 0.05 mm to 0.3 mm), ceramic beads can be formed by titration. The zirconia ceramic beads prepared by titration method can be sintered at low temperature and have no pores inside. Suitable for dispersion and grinding of electrode materials, multilayer ceramic capacitors, paints, coatings and other high-performance materials.

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