How to match different zirconium beads to the grinder

The specifications and types of zirconium beads required by different grinders are different. How to choose the zirconium beads that match the model? How to match different zirconium beads to the grinder?

1. Traditional horizontal rolling ball mill:

It is the prototype of sand mill. The advantage is that the particle size range of the treated initial material is wide, and both coarse grinding and fine grinding can be used in some fields; The disadvantages are high energy consumption and noise. Grinding beads with a diameter of 3-100mm are usually used.


2. Traditional horizontal sand mill:

It can be considered that the grinding cylinder of the closed vertical grinder is horizontally formed, which increases the filling amount of beads and improves the grinding efficiency. The size of grinding beads used is 1.0-3.0mm, and zirconia beads are recommended.


3. Closed vertical grinder:

It is formed by limiting the flow of the discharge port at the top of the open vertical grinder and works under pressure. It can handle materials with relatively high viscosity. The mixer adopts dispersion plate or rod pin. The model is relatively small. The grinding bead of 0.6-3mm is the usual size, and zirconia beads can be configured.


4. Open vertical sand mill:

Improved from the vertical stirring ball mill, the continuous production with large flow is realized by means of bottom feeding and top open discharging. The volume can reach 5000L and the compressive strength of beads is low. It is recommended to use 2.0-3.0mm zirconia beads.


5. Rod pin horizontal sand mill:

It is one of the revisions of the traditional horizontal sand mill, which changes the dispersion plate into rod pin. Zirconia beads with a particle size of 0.6-2.0mm are usually used as the grinding medium.


6.Turbine horizontal sand mill:

As one of the revisions of the traditional horizontal sand mill, the flake dispersion disk is changed into a thick turbine with inner cavity. Grinding beads of 0.4-2.0mm are commonly used, and zirconium silicate beads or zirconium oxide beads are recommended.


7. Special shaped dispersion disc sand mill:

Change the mode of energy transmission by using different forms of dispersers, such as gear, eccentric and tower, in order to change the movement direction of beads and improve the reflux rate, so as to reduce the accumulation and stratification of beads. Grinding beads with a diameter of 0.6-2.5mm can be used. Zirconium silicate beads or zirconia beads can be selected according to different shear forces.


8. Special shaped cylinder sand mill:

There are usually two types: conical horizontal and octagonal vertical. The useful work ratio of grinding beads can be improved by changing the flow gradient and direction of grinding beads and slurry. Zirconium silicate beads of 1.0-2.0mmd are usually used as grinding medium.


9. Ring grinder:

The “W” grinding channel is composed of rotor and stator. On the one hand, the residence time of materials in the grinding cylinder is increased by increasing the grinding channel, on the other hand, the heat dissipation area of the cooling system is increased to reduce the discharge temperature and improve the grinding efficiency. Grinding beads of 0.4-1.5mm are commonly used sizes. Zirconia beads are recommended.


10. Basket sander:

The grinding basket with agitator is immersed in a closed cylinder, and the vortex slurry rotating at high speed produces vortex effect, so that the materials can be dispersed and ground through the grinding beads moving at high speed in the basket. The particle size of grinding beads can be selected between 1.0-3.0mm. Zirconium silicate beads or zirconia beads are usually selected.


11. Centrifugal sand mill:

The grinding cylinder rotating at high speed and the radial centrifugal force generated from the rotating shaft at low speed force the materials to disperse and grind in the shear zone away from the axial separator. It can process ultra-fine and low viscosity materials. The particle size of grinding beads can be selected in the range of 0.05-0.08mm. Zirconia beads are recommended.

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