Precision Ball-Alumina Ball

Ceramic Bearing Ball

Key Property

Compared with steel balls, the main advantages of alumina balls are:

  1. 50% lighter than the steel ball, reducing the centrifugal force, rolling and wear of the channel during high-speed and accelerated operation of the bearing;
  2. Small friction coefficient and good rotational flexibility;
  3. High temperature resistance, the service temperature can reach 1750 ℃;
  4. Never rust, can work without oil lubrication;
  5. More resistant to chemical corrosion than steel;
  6. No metal pollution;
  7. Non magnetic conduction;
  8. Electrical insulation.



Type FL-A99 FL-A993 FL-A996
Color White white white
Alumina Content(%) 99.0 99.3 99.6
Main Characteristics wear resistance; good for metallization Good anti-plasma property;High wear resistance Excellent anti-plasma property; High wear resistance
Main Applications IC packing;Electronic part; Mechanical parts Semiconductor equipment parts;wear& corrosion resistant parts Semiconductor equipment parts;wear& corrosion resistant parts


Size and Grade:


Diameter specification: Ф 0.800mm~ Ф 100mm。

Available supply level: G10 ~ G100.



Al2O3 ball is anti-wear, heat-resistant, anti-oxidant, and corrosion resistant in salt solution and other chemicals. One feature of Al2O3 ball is its size remains unchanged up to 1100ºC. Al2O3 ball is mainly used for pump, valve and flow-meter.


Remarks: 1) plenty of stock. 2) non-standard size could be supplied. 3) fracture toughness is relatively lower. 4) Al2O3 ball is more suitable for cost reduction application. 5) Al2O3 ball is not suitable for application in HCl acid, HF acid and strong alkali.

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