Precision Ball-Silicon Nitride Ball

Bearing Ball

Key Property

Compared with steel ball, Si3N4 ball has following advantages:

  1. 59% lighter than steel ball, which means less centrifugal force and less wear on the groove during high speed and acceleration.
  2. 44% larger elastic modulus, which means less deformation under load.
  3. Harder with Rockwell hardness as 78.
  4. Smaller friction coefficient.
  5. Only 1/4 coefficient of thermal expansion of steel, can endure sharp fluctuation of temperature.
  6. Superior surface finish can be achieved, Ra could be 4~6 nm.
  7. Can endure high temperature with high hardness and strength up to 1050ºC.
  8. Never rust, and can roll without lubrication.
  9. More corrosion resistant than steel.
  10. Free of metal contamination.
  11. Non-magnetic.
  12. Electric isolation.
  13. No adhesive-wear with metal.
  14. Contact angular is very large with molten and nearly no reaction.


Size and Grade:


Diameter specification: Ф0.4mm~Ф140mm

Available supply level: G5 ~ G100.

stable quality and high consistency with ASTM F2094-03a standard.



Si3N4 ball can be used in all bearings with special requirement: high speed bearing, high precision bearing; vacuum bearing; high/low temperature bearing, non-magnetic bearing, high precision ball screw; Si3N4 ball can also be used as valve ball and metering ball in chemical pump, high-temperature pump, metering pump. Si3N4 ball can also be used in linear slider for high temperature and corrosion resistance

Si3N4 ball is generally assembled in bearing for application in high-tech industry such as aerospace, national defense, chemical industry, metallurgical, medical, food, oil plant, electronic etc.



Remarks: 1) black color as standard, gray color could be supplied upon customer requirement. 2) Plenty of stock. 3) Non-standard size and different gauge could be supplied. 4) GPS and HIP Si3N4 balls are available.

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