Product characteristics of zirconium silicate beads

Zirconium silicate beads are often called “65” zirconium because their zirconia content is about 65%. Zirconium silicate is made by the advanced process of titration molding in electrolyte and phase determination by high temperature baking. There are no pores and cavities in the beads. Medium density and hardness are suitable for the grinding and dispersion of medium and low viscosity slurry. It can match most sand mills. It is a universal grinding medium.

Product characteristics of zirconium silicate beads:

  1. It is suitable for mining production of large capacity calcium carbonate, kaolin, zircon sand and so on.
  2. It is suitable for vertical mills such as sand mills.
  3. It is suitable for products sensitive to temperature in the crushing process.
  4. It is suitable for paint, ink, pigment and dye industries.
  5. Suitable for magnetic coating.
  6. It is suitable for lead, copper, zinc sulfide and other metal mines manufactured by vertical mill


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