What details should we pay attention to in the process of use for Zirconia beads

Zirconia beads have different commodity characteristics and main uses with different purity, such as yttrium stabilized zirconia beads (95 zirconium), 80 zirconia beads (80 zirconium), and zirconium silicate beads (65 zirconium). No matter what kind of zirconium beads, they must pay attention to:

1. Firstly, the appropriate zirconia beads are selected according to the capacity of sand mill, slurry viscosity and inlet and outlet gap. During application, clean the inside of the grinder, measure whether the slurry viscosity meets the regulations, and check whether the inlet and outlet gap and speed ratio of the grinder are appropriate.

2. When applying zirconia beads for the first time, it is suggested to pre grind them into epoxy resin and organic solvent slurry with necessary viscosity for 30 minutes. If the slurry with lower concentration is used for pre grinding, be sure to reduce the speed ratio and control the actual operation time within 15 minutes.

3. Due to long-term grinding, a small amount of zirconia beads will be crushed under high-speed collision. Therefore, some zirconia beads need to be filled after a period of time. During filling, the crushed zirconia beads shall be screened out with stainless steel screen, and then new zirconia beads with the same weight as the crushed zirconia beads shall be added.

4. When grinding paint with zirconia beads, it is proposed to clean it with epoxy resin. If organic solvent must be applied, the speed ratio shall be reduced and the actual operation time shall be within 10 minutes. The network editor proposes to use the intermittent cleaning of “start-off”.

5. Under the condition that the particle size of finished products will not change, if the grinding time is to be increased, or the particle size cannot exceed the specified within the required time, appropriate zirconia beads shall be filled.

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