What equipment can zirconia beads be used in?

When polishing the workpiece, put the workpiece to be ground and high-purity zirconia beads into the rotating or vibrating barrel for grinding together, so that the workpiece can be polished or rough edges can be removed. Zirconia beads are widely used in some equipment because of their good grinding effect. What equipment can zirconia beads be used in?

1. High speed disperser

The grinding function of zirconia beads in the commodity industry, such as daily toothpaste, which is mainly composed of spices, sweeteners, wetting agents, powdered friction agents and other special components, is highly dependent on the high-speed disperser. Zirconia beads are mainly used in high-efficiency machinery and equipment for stirring, dispersing and dissolving solid and liquid materials.

2. Laboratory disperser

Zirconia beads are widely used in small chemical dispersers to meet the test needs of the laboratory. Zirconia beads are mainly used for testing a small amount of emulsion, and its performance can meet the design requirements of the laboratory disperser, laying the groundwork for mass industrial production.

3. Horizontal and vertical sand mills

Zirconia beads are widely used in high-efficiency grinding equipment in industries such as coatings and paints, magnetic coatings, cosmetics raw materials, electrostatic copying powder for photographic copying, filling materials for paper making and plastics, such as vertical and horizontal sand mills. The sand mill is a continuous production grinding and dispersion machine with horizontal cylinder, which is used for grinding and dispersing solid-liquid suspension. Its specially designed dispersion disc rotates at high speed driven by the motor, and the materials collide and shear strongly with the zirconia bead grinding medium in a closed grinding chamber, so as to achieve the grinding effect.

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