FL-65 Zirconium Silicate Beads

Grinding solution for various industry

Key Property

Good roundness, smooth and bright, without pinhole

High toughness, shockproof, non-stripping, no contamination

High stability, acid and alkali-resistance

Low harm to the equipment


Application Filed

Coating, paints, pesticides, paper, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, Kaolin, zirconium silicate, gold, copper, zinc, non-ferrous metals and mines

Main technical Data:

Chemical composition Physical Properties
ZrO2: 65%
SiO2: 34%Others: <1.0%
Density 4.1g/cm3
Bulk density ≥2.6g/cm3
Vickers hardness >900
Compressive strength >13000N(dia2mm)
Self consumption <20ppm


Standard size(mm)


0.4-0.6 1.6-1.8 2.8-3.0
0.6-0.8 1.8-2.0 3.0-3.2
0.8-1.0 2.0-2.2 3.5-4.0
1.0-1.2 2.2-2.4 4.0-4.5
1.2-1.4 2.4-2.6 4.5-5.0
1.4-1.6 2.6-2.8 5-6
6-8 8-10 10-12


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