About Us

Shandong Fanglai New Material Co., LTD is a high-Tech Enterprises, specialized in the zirconium related products, mainly manufacturers high quality customized zirconia grinding beads, zirconium silicate beads and ZTA beads for the overseas. Products are widely used in nano materials, new energy, dyes, inks, pesticides, paints, Coatings, paper making, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, kaolin, spray, medicine, food, cosmetics, mining and other industries for ultra-fine grinding.

Our grinding beads use the word’s leading production technology, and the internal structure is uniform and have high hardness, never break in the grinding process, with its low abrasion wear, it can extend the product’s service life, and because of its accurate size, it can effectively shorten the grinding time, improve the production efficiency.

As one of the industry leaders, we persist in using the most advanced technology to provide the highest quality grinding beads for the market, and for all the customers we serve with the most professional attitude and services.

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Address:  500m East of the Intersection of Xingbo Three road and Xingye Six Road, Boxing Economic Development Zone,Boxing county, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China.