Differences between Disperser and Grinder

In the process of material processing, the disperser is the most common equipment. However, if you want to achieve more fine particles, you need to use a grinder. So what is the difference between a disperser and a grinder?

In fact, the disperser is also called the agitator because of the use of high-speed sawtooth dispersion disc, which can form strong turbulence locally, and usually has a strong dispersion and emulsification effect on materials. The grinder is used to collide and knock the materials through the friction between the grinding beads, so as to obtain smaller particles. Compared with the disperser, the grinder can obtain smaller particles.

Generally, the disperser can only disperse 10 μ M particles, while the grinder can reach nanometer level particles.

Grinding Media for high speed grinder: zirconium beads is the best choice.

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